Relaxing.. Melting.. Healing.. Flowering in Bliss.. Soft Tantric Body- and Breath work.. ✨- New Moon Edition -?✨
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-♥«´¨`•°.. Tantric Journey ..°•´¨`»♥-
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Tantra betekent in het sanskriet (oud Indiaas) Weefgetouw.
“Weefgetouw” staat voor het grote geheel waarin t leven plaats vind. Zowel macro- als micro cosmisch. Oftewel alle aspecten van jezelf, je vitale levensenergie, jouw leven. Alles wat je in jezelf tegenkomt en alles wat je omgeving je spiegelt.
Het ontmoeten en omarmen van al die aspecten, die tegendelen is diep helend. In openheid en acceptatie van wat is.
Het weefgetouw weeft alles tot één geheel, één creatie zoals door het weven van de draden een stuk stof ontstaat. En zo voel jij je levendiger, meer ruimte en verbinding in jezelf. Omdat jij opbloeit in de liefde die je bent ♡

✼ A joyfull and heartopening experience to ground your system and open your heart
✼ A deeper and more real connection to yourself and the other person
✼ Healing your reationship between the Masculine/Feminine
✼ Learn Tantric techniques to unleash your passion potential
✼ Restore the connection between your pelvic region and heart (Pelvic-Heart immersion)
✼ Being witnessed in your light, dark and authenticity
✼ Bathing in Love

Since many of us carry conditioning which can be inhibiting to our life energy, emphasis is also about healing whatever is in the way for you to flower into your unique YOU.

Part of this day is to do excercises in pairs (man-woman) to heal wounds that may be caused in relation with the other sex
Altough we unleash sexual or life energy there will be no sexual actions.

This amazing event will support you to feel more alive, expand your life energy and to reconnect with your divine nature. It is an invitation to surrender to love and healing whatever is hindering you to flower and blossom as the light that you are.
In this heart-centered energy field the fullness of who you are can awaken to a new existence ✼
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Dates 2020: vrijdag 20 maart / vrijdag 8 mei / vrijdag 12 juni


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Tantric Journey 💛 A Touch Of love

04 september, zaterdag - 07:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Copacabana, salon voor de levenskunsten

Tantric Journey 💛 A Touch Of love

Tantric Journey XL – Temple Retreat

12 september, zondag - 01:45 pm - 09:00 pm

Tantric Journey XL – Temple Retreat

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